Variational Text Linguistics Revisiting Register in English

Schubert, Christoph and Christina Sanchez-Stockhammer (Eds.): Variational Text Linguistics: Revisiting Register in English. (Topics in English Linguistics 90) De Gruyter Mouton, Berlin, 2016. ISBN 978-3-110-44310-3

Owing to the ever-increasing possibilities of communication, especially with the advent of modern communication technologies, register analysis offers a constantly widening range of research opportunities. Still, research has mainly concentrated on well-established and frequent registers such as newspaper articles, while many descriptive and theoretical issues have not yet been sufficiently investigated.

This volume gives a state-of-the-art insight into register studies and points out emerging trends as well as new directions for future research. Furthermore, it provides a forum for the description and discussion of registers which have not received an appropriate amount of attention so far. In particular, it deals with specialized offline and online registers, cross-register comparison as well as regional, contrastive, and diachronic register variation.

In parallel to the new discipline of variational pragmatics, this volume aims to foster the discipline of variational text linguistics and to initiate fundamental investigations in this area. This field of research provides new insights into the concept of register, since it covers both functional and regional types of textual variation.

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