Pragmatic Perspectives on Postcolonial Discourse Linguistics and Literature

Schubert, Christoph and Laurenz Volkmann (eds.): Pragmatic Perspectives on Postcolonial Discourse: Linguistics and Literature. Cambridge Scholars, Newcastle upon Tyne 2016. ISBN 978-1-4438-9437-1

This interdisciplinary volume closes a research gap by providing integrative investigations of postcolonial discourses, probing the interstices between linguistic methodologies and literary text analysis. The literary texts under discussion are conceptualized as media both reflecting and creating reality, so that they provide valuable insights into postcolonial discourse phenomena. The contributions deal with the issue of how postcolonial Englishes, such as those spoken in India, Nigeria, South Africa and the Caribbean, have produced different pragmatic conventions in a complex interplay of culture-specific and global linguistic practices. They show the ways in which hybrid communicative situations based on ethnic, cultural, and linguistic diversity result in similarly hybrid social and communicative routines. The central pragmatic paradigms discussed here include im/politeness, speech act conventions, conversational maxims, deixis, humour, code-switching and -mixing, othering, and linguistic exclusion.

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