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In 2006, the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) was developed together with persons concerned. The CRPD has come into force in 2008 and was then ratified by Germany in 2009. This results in a task for society, reaching into all areas of life. Inclusive education and especially the educational system are the focus here, because the CRPD applies the right for effective education to all. However, the question is how can this right be implemented? Furthermore, which impact does it have on our educational system?
The development towards an inclusive educational system affects not only the practical lessons, which should be organized in an evidence-based manner, but it also affects areas such as school development and teacher training as well as advanced teacher training. According to the ‘European Agency for Development in Special needs education' (2011), this training should cover three interacting dimensions.

(1)      'Knowledge' – the identification of effective measures and approaches

(2)      ‘Skills’ – testing and applying the new measures

(3)      ‘attitudes/beliefs’ – reflection of social values and standards

The work area of inclusive education is currently being shaped by the teacher education's quality campaign. In Vechta, the project BRIDGES is being realized. BRIDGES contributes to the implementation of topics of inclusive education into the studies of future primary school teachers and secondary school teachers.



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