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Ethics Committee of the University of Vechta

The Ethics Committee of the University of Vechta, formed in 2012, reviews, provides advice on and assesses ethical and legal aspects of research and experimental projects at the University of Vechta upon request. All members and affiliates of the University of Vechta can submit requests at any time.

The Ethics Committee works on the basis of the applicable law and the relevant professional rules, including the research standards and recommendations of the German Research Foundation as well as the Guidelines for Safeguarding Good Research Practice of the University of Vechta. In addition, the following provisions and guidelines are essential: the legal provisions on data protection and the notes on the practice of social scientific research and data processing in Germany by the German Data Forum, the ethical principles of the Declaration of Helsinki as amended, of the German Psychological Society, of the German Association of Psychologists, of the German Association for Experimental Economic Research e. V., and the code of ethics of the German Sociological Association (DGS) and the Berufsverband Deutscher Soziologen (BDS) (professional association of German sociologists).

The following documents must be enclosed with the requests: Cover letter, request to the Ethics Committee including contact persons of the project, description of the research project including research background, questions, hypotheses and comprehensive survey methods, possible complications/risks and a risk-benefit analysis as well as termination criteria for the study. The information sheet(s) and consent form(s) for the study participants must also be enclosed.

Please submit your request in electronic form and in hard copy to the Chair of the Ethics Committee, Prof. Dr Gerald Eisenkopf, Faculty I: Education and Social Sciences, University of Vechta.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the members of the committee.

Members of the Ethics Committee

The current term of office of the Ethics Committee has started on 2 June 2021 and, for the members of the student group, is going to end on 1 June 2022. For the members of the group of professors, the group of academic staff and the group of technical and administrative staff, the term is going to end on 1 June 2023.


Prof. Dr Gerald Eisenkopf

Deputy chair

Jun.-Prof. Dr Ulrike Knobloch (assistant professor)

Group of professors

Prof. Dr Gerald Eisenkopf
Jun.-Prof. Dr Ulrike Knobloch (assistant professor)
Jun.-Prof. Dr Christopher Osterhaus (assistant professor)
Prof. Dr June H. Park

Group of academic staff

Sophie Große

Group of technical and administrative staff

Attila Karakuş
Dr Sebastian Keßler (alternate)

Group of students

Jette Funk