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Across faculty boundaries, our scientists research issues that deal with the future of agriculture, among other things. Due to the high level of practical relevance, research has a direct impact on society and the economy.

Research is increasingly building the profile of the Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences in addition to practice-oriented teaching. A growing number of European, national and regionally funded research projects document the research strength, which is based on the commitment of numerous scientists in many disciplines. As a driver of innovation for the university region, bridges are thus built between research, teaching and practice: in turn, practice-oriented teaching benefits from cooperation with industry in research and transfer.

At the forefront of interdisciplinary research groups, research foci have been established that contribute significantly to the supra-regional perception:

    Energy systems, economics and law
    Innovative materials and materials technologies
    Health care research, management and informatics in health care
    Future-oriented agricultural system technologies

The central question of data flow and data security in agricultural technology, the use of autonomous field robots, questions of marketing agricultural products in the face of an increasingly critical buying public, or the co-development of a low-energy greenhouse - the focus area "agriculture" implies a multitude of research areas. Currently, 30 research projects with a total volume of about 12.2 million € are running here. Of these, 15 projects are already dealing with a digitalization topic.

Examples of the diversity in applied research: Project staff show the BoniRob field robot - here as a carrier vehicle for a mobile soil sampling laboratory - and a quadrocopter in use in greenhouses.