Several Study Abroad programs offered by the University of Vechta’s partner universities require students to submit a certificate of English-language proficiency. If you are not in the possession of an official certification such as the TOEFL or the IELTS, you can register to take the DAAD language proficiency test in the Language Centre.  The DAAD test is divided into three parts and measures your proficiency in reading, writing and oral interaction:


Reading skills will be assessed using a standardized language test.

1 hour
Oral Interaction

Spoken English will be evaluated in a fifteen minute conversation with the test administrator, based upon a one to two page text from a magazine or newspaper. The student will also be asked to discuss her/his future academic plans.

30 minutes
WritingWriting skills will be evaluated based upon a 250 word essay in response to a set of questions.
30 minutes


The DAAD test is divided into two time blocks of one hour each. There is a 30 minute break between the blocks.

DAAD English Language Proficiency Test and COVID-19 Circumstances

As of September 2020, the Language Centre will administer the DAAD Language Proficiency Test in conformity with the COVID-19 hygiene regulations of the University of Vechta.

The exam can be administered on Fridays. The oral exam portion will take place online and the written exam portion (academic reading and writing), will take place at the University of Vechta in the Sprachenzentrum (Room R006). The oral exam will be scheduled for Friday mornings; the written portion for Friday afternoons.

The exam results will be sent to students as a .pdf document.


Please arrange to take the test by making an appointment with the DAAD administrator. In your email please give the name of the university for which you require a DAAD certificate, your area of study and your Matrikelnummer.


The test is free of charge. Please note that only students enrolled at the University of Vechta are entitled to take the DAAD exam in the Language Centre.

Important Guideline: Do not wait until the “last minute” to take the DAAD test!

Before you do anything else, find out which level of English competency your chosen university requires. The range lies between B1 and C1. Most universities require an all-around score of B2 level English for study abroad.  Thus, if you wish to study at an English language university or in an English language program, your English should be at an upper intermediate level (minimum CEFR score: B2) in all four language competencies: reading, listening, speaking and writing, when you sign up to take the DAAD test.

If you are not yet at this level, you should practice your English by taking preparatory academic English courses at the B2+ or C1 levels.

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DAAD administrator

PD Dr. Anne-Marie Scholz

Raum R 107
Gebäude R
Driverstraße 23
49377 Vechta
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