Writing academic texts in a foreign language can be challenging. The difficulties can be language-related (especially when having to express complex thoughts) but can also include having to deal with different argumentative structures. The language centre offers individual writing support to students and staff in English or German and for all subjects . Contact us via Opens window for sending emailemail or our Opens internal link in current windowconsultation form. We can discuss your writing approach, any questions you may have and help you to set up a plan for further development. To ensure an ideal start it would be best if you came prepared, so send a writing sample (no more than 5 pages), a draft or just a list of questions. Each consultation takes about 45 minutes, the number of sessions is not limited since we can support you throughout the whole writing process. Please note that we offer writing support but will not correct or revise complete papers.


Since November 2016 students can take their questions concerning academic writing in English and German to the students in our Peer-Writing-Team, who will tutor them individually. A whole range of different subjects can be tackled in the consultation sessions, for example: 

  • writer's block
  • questions related to your writing process (methods, schedules, topics, organization ...)
  • academic writing (research, citation, how to prepare questions for a meeting with your teacher e.g.)
  • your specific text (structure, central theme, wording...)
  • requirements in different academic genres
  • (job-) applications

All our Peer-Writing-Tutors have been trained in matters of general consultancy as well as in writing consultation specifically, so you can expect both: a fellow student who will listen, understand, relate to your problems (and possibly give a little insider information) and someone who has some expertise in methods and problem-solving in the field of academic writing.

You can consult our Peer-Writing- Tutors once or several times (for example alongside a project paper or Bachelor thesis), depending on how much support you think you will need.

We're looking forward to meeting you. You are welcome to contact us via email: Opens window for sending emailinfo.schreibberatung[at]uni-vechta[dot]de or our Opens internal link in current windowconsultation form

Lena, Nele & Daniel (Writing-Peer-Tutors)

Consultation Hours

If you would like to schedule a consultation session with our Peer-Writing-Tutors, please make an appointment via email

Opens window for sending emailinfo.schreibberatung[at]uni-vechta[dot]de or Opens internal link in current window application form

Lena Spanjer, Nele Brand & Daniel Mensah




We will…
… keep the consultations confidential.
… listen closely to your needs when you are visiting the consultation and be honest.
… support autonomous and independent handling of the texts by referring to helpful material.

We will and can NOT…
… edit or proofread (more than an excerpt). However, we will discuss language-related issues and provide helpful strategies for the writing process.
… offer predictions about the grade of the written work.
… alter or produce content.
… be involved in last-minute corrections.

We expect you to…
… take responsibility for your text, and not delegate that to us.
… respect our time and work by coming prepared and keeping agreed arrangements.

Teaching Staff

Writing consultation German/DaF

Coordination writing support German

Missagh Pourseifi

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Writing consultation English

Coordination writing support English


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If you would like to schedule a consultation session with the teaching staff, please make an appointment via email.


Neben dem Angebot der Schreibberatung gibt es auch in diesem Semester wieder die Workshop-Reihe "Moonlight Studying" (in Zusammenarbeit mit der ZSB) mit 2 Terminen zum Wissenschaftlichen Schreiben:

- 20.05.21 Tipps für Referate um 18:00-19:00 Uhr (mit anschließender individueller Schreibberatung)

- 01.07.21 Tipps für Hausarbeiten um 18:00-19:00 Uhr (mit anschließender individueller Schreibberatung)

Eine Anmeldung ist erforderlich. Tragen Sie sich vorab bei Stud.IP in die entsprechende Veranstaltung ein (Studienbereich Sonstiges)

Im Anschluss können wir in einer individuellen Beratung über den Text sprechen, an dem Sie arbeiten. Schicken Sie uns vorab eine Email an info.schreibberatung[at]uni-vechta[dot]de, um einen Termin zu vereinbaren.


Außerdem bieten wir für Studierende, die im SoSe 21 ihre Bachelorarbeit schreiben, folgende Workshops an

(in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Career-Service und der ZSB):

Fit für die Bachelorarbeit (Soziale Dienstleistungen): am Freitag. 16.04.21 und 28.05.21, jeweils 10h - 14h

Fit für die Bachelorarbeit (B.A. Combined Studies): am Freitag. 07.05.21 und 18.06.21, jeweils 10h - 14h

Auch hier ist eine Anmeldung in StudIP erforderlich.




Missagh Pourseifi

Koordination Schreibberatung ad interim

Raum R 216c
Gebäude R
Driverstraße 23
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Currently we are working from home. Please contact us via e-mail.