Are you interested in improving your language skills outside of the classroom environment? Would you like to have an intercultural learning exchange? Then tandem language learning could be your cup of tea! You would work with a learning partner from another country. They learn your native language and and you learn theirs. The idea of this partnership is that both partners should benefit equally. A Russian exchange student could learn German from a student here who is trying to improve their Russian.

Rules for successful tandem language learning

Basic knowledge of the target language is one of the requirements. However, in order for this partnership to work well, here are some basic rules for successful tandem learning:

  • Meet regularly once a week with your tandem partner, ideally for two hours.
  • The first hour is used to practice and learn your target language (partner's native language). Your partner speaks and/or writes in his/her native language. In the second half your partner learns your native language from you. Basically you communicate in your native language.
  • Both parties take personal responsibilty for their their own learning objectives and methods. The partners are also responsible for bringing their learning materials to the tandem meeting.
  • Respect the learning objectives and working methods of your tandem partner even if they differ from your own ideas of what is to be considered an adequate learning objective or proper method.
  • Keep to an appointment and if you are unable to meet at the agreed time, inform your partner in time.


If you are interested in finding a tandem partner, we will add you to our register. Please fill in the  registration form. We will contact you as soon as possible once we have a learning partner for you. Note: We only provide tandem partners among members of the University of Vechta.

Your language tandem participation can be recognised as a part of the Opens internal link in new windowCertificate of Intercultural Competence by the International Office.

Materials for tandem

In the table below you will find a selection of materials that have sepcifically been developed for tandem work:

Seagull-ProjectOpens external link in new windowSeagull

SEAGULL offers materials for tandem work for levels A1 to B2. An abundance of worksheets, photos, videos and a collection of questions for information and idea exchange ("world issues") can be found on their page. In addition, handouts and tips on how to utilise the materials are offered. SEAGULL materials are available for Arabic, Chinese, English, German, French, Italian, Lithuanian, Luxembourgish, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish.

 Profin-ProjectOpens external link in new windowDatabank for Tandem Material

The Profin project database was developed for tandem language learning by the RUB Bochum. It offers suggestions for tandem learning for the following languages: Chinese, English, German, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish and Swedish. In order to use the database a one-time registration is required.

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