The Language Centre of the University of Vechta, in cooperation with the PHWT Vechta, operates a self-access centre with 12 computer workstations. The centre enables learners to further develop their language skills with self-study using the available computer software for language learning. It is available to University of Vechta and PHWT Vechta students and staff only.

Self Access Language Centre Programs

General Language Rosetta Stone
AB CN DUT FR IT  PL PT RU SD SP TK The Rosetta Stone self-study programs are suitable for learners who would like to acquire basic knowledge in the respective target language. Rosetta Stone works in a way that allows learners to acquire the rules of the language based on examples. It is an intuitive way of learning a language. The programmes also use speech recognition software, so that learners can practice their pronunciation. Following languages are available: Arabic, Chinese, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Spanish, Turkish.
  Digital Publishing (Speex)
GER EN SP Digital Publishing provides learners with the opportunity to improve their language skills in the context of typical everyday situations such as greetings, shopping, eating out, invitations, family and work. There is also a placement test for students with prior knowledge. Available programs are German as a foreign language, English and Spanish at the levels A1/A2, B1 and B2. 
  Issues in English (Clarity)
EN Education, Fame, Immigration, Languages, Media, Sport, Wilderness, Technology -These are the eight issues of high interest to adult learners of English. The program has four language levels from Beginner to Advanced and all language learning is based on video clip content. All language learning revolves not only around vocabulary training and grammar but also listening comprehension and pronunciation. Students with prior knowledge are recommended to work with authentic video content on Level 4 (Advanced).

Schwedisch Aktiv

SD This is a helpful language program for Swedish. You  can  learn useful Swedish phrases for important everyday situations, work on aspects of Swedish grammar and forms as well as pronunciation . It contains basic  vocabulary with about 4500 words. This program is aimed at individuals who have no prior knowledge of Swedish or who wish to refresh their knowledge.
English at Work Business English (Digital publishing)
EN In cooperation with the PHWT Vechta, the self-access centre has a program called Business English by Digital Publishing at its disposal. With this program, you are able to improve your English skills for the workplace. Topics avaliable in the learning program are Telephoning, Meetings, Negotiations und Presentations. An extensive selection of additional material is also provided.
  Business Writing (Clarity)
EN With Business Writing for English, you can practice writing applications, e-mails, letters and reports for the workplace. This interactive program also includes exercises on style and register as well as instructions on how to proofread effectively.
  Technical English
EN Techno Plus comprises learning units for Technical English (e.g. airbag systems, CAD/CAM, machine elements etc.) as well as Business English. This program will train you on how business transactions take place, from the very first enquiry to the negotiation of contracts and all the way through the processing of the order.
Academic English Study Skills Sucess (Clarity)
EN Study Skills Success provides students of higher education a comprehensive coverage of skills and resources required for their academic studies.  The program consists of ten units: Independent learning, Critical thinking, Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing, Grammar, Vocabulary, Visuals and Research.  Study Skills Success is also suitable for academic English exam preparation such as IELTS or TOEFL . Study Skills Success is aimed at learners at levels B1+ to C1.
  Road to IELTS (Clarity)
EN The program contains 120 hours of activities, instructing videos from experts, tips and hints on question types and downloadable practice tests which prepare you for your IELTS exam.  Road to IELTS can also be used for internal exams (e.g. reading & listening comprehension) at levels B2 to C2.
Skills training Active Reading (Clarity)
EN Active Reading not only focuses on reading comprehension but also contains a number of listening and writing excersises as well as extensive vocabulary training. The program offers exercises for all levels from A2 (Elementary) to C1 (Advanced).
  Tense Buster (Clarity)
EN Tense Buster is a grammar program comprising exercises on five different levels from Elementary (A2) to Advanced (C1) . The program focuses on the grammatical structures of English where learners may usually have some difficulties (e.g. questions tags and phrasal verbs).eaus von Elementary (A2) bis Advanced (C1) umfasst. Das Programm fokussiert die grammatischen Strukturen des Englischen, die Lernenden in der Regel besondere Schwierigkeiten bereiten (z.B. questions tags und phrasal verbs).

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