2011 Vechta Mini-conference Globalizing Rural Places

International Geography Union (IGU) - Commission on the Dynamics of Economic Spaces


20‐21 May 2011

Call for Papers

The IGU Commission on the Dynamics of Economic Spaces aims to extend international research and scholarship in geography, to promote internationalcollaboration in research activity and the dissemination of research findings,and to facilitate the transfer of knowledge, experience and expertise between countries and institutions (uac.utoledo.edu/igu_commission/ ).

The 2011 Vechta Mini‐conference addresses the restructuring of rural places and communities under globalization, highlighting the interaction of local andglobal actors to produce new hybrid socio‐economic relations. Recent researchhighlights the heterogeneity of globalization in which rural places are different to each other, but also different to how they were in the past. The purpose ofthe conference is to explore and discuss opportunities and challengesassociated with globalizing rural places, and to identify possibilities for policyand practical intervention by rural development actors.


Keynote presentation by
Professor Richard Le Heron, University of Auckland, New Zealand

We invite contributions to the conference on the following topics:

1. Globalization and rural change discourses
2. Global commodity chains, value chains, supply chains and rural development
3. Geographies of responsibility and the agri‐food industries
4. Innovative agri‐food clusters
5. Rural innovation systems
6. Resilient rural regions
7. New global property regimes
8. Mobility of rural knowledge and expertise
9. Transnational rural entrepreneurship
10. Rural policies and planning in the era of global change
11. Alternative food geographies
12. New rural‐urban interactions
13. Globalization and sustainable rural development

Please note that the above topic list is not exhaustive. We invite any contribution that fits with the general theme of the conference.

While this conference is sponsored by the International Geographical Union ‐ Commission on the Dynamics of Economic Spaces ‐ we are particularlyinterested in participation from individuals in a variety of academic disciplines (including, but not limited to, geography, sociology, anthropology, women andgender studies, planning, international business, and economics).

Local Organizers:

Javier Revilla Diez
Chair of Economic Geography
University of Hannover, Germany
Institute of Economic and Social Geography

Christine Tamásy
Chair of Regional Development
University of Vechta, Germany
Institute for Spatial Analysis and Planning
in Areas of Intensive Agriculture


Important Dates:

300‐word abstract by 31 January 2011
Deadline for registration is 1 April 2011



Conference Package: includes all meals, and conference materials, excludes
accommodation: 150 EUR

Pre‐conference field trip (optional): "Agro‐technological Clusters in Globalizing
Worlds" (19 May 2011): 65 EUR

Conference publications:
Papers presented for this meeting will be considered for the Commission’s
publication initiatives.


Maria Wegehöft ‐ Conference Secretariat
Email: mwegehoeft@ispa.uni‐vechta.de



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