The Institute for Gerontology

The Institute for Gerontology (IfG) has been reconstituted as a research institute at the University of Vechta and continues its successful gerontological research that started in 2006.

It comprises six fields of research: Age(ing) and Emplyoment, Age(ing) and Health, Empirical Ageing Research and Research Methods, Economics and Demographic Change, Psychological Gerontology and Law of Social Services.

In addition to the interdisciplinarity that is already established in the institute’s structure, the researchers attach great importance to national and international cooperation with other research institutions as well as with associations, organisations and companies. Other activities of the institute include:

  • Publication of the book series “Vechtaer Beiträge zur Gerontologie” (Vechta contributions to Gerontology).

  • Publication of the newsletter “Gerontology”, which is aimed at the specialist academic public in particular and serves to present research results in the narrower sense. Link

  • Regular organisation of annual conferences with the aim of accentuating research priorities, encouraging research cooperation with external institutions and strengthening research transfer.

  • Organisation of the institute colloquium for interdisciplinary exchange and discussion of research projects and results and as a platform for knowledge transfer.




Management DirectorProf. Dr. Frerich Frerichs
Deputy DirectorProf. Dr. Andrea Teti
Research AssistanceGabriele Ziese
Secretary's Office
Magdalene Gelhaus, Tamara Spruth, Kirsten Tuschick
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