International conference

Stylistic Approaches to Pop Culture

Organizers: Christoph Schubert (Vechta) and Valentin Werner (Bamberg)

Location: University of Vechta, Germany
Date: 19–20 March 2020


Pop culture appears in diverse textual manifestations, including television series and films, song lyrics, video games, or graphic novels and comics. Although there is no universally accepted definition of pop culture, prototypical texts belong to globalized mainstream media, fulfill the commercial function of mass entertainment, and are dominated by American English. However, despite their international reception and sociocultural impact, and despite the fact that pop culture seems to have overcome its traditional “low culture” status, relevant texts are still clearly underresearched in linguistics. Style is here considered as a motivated choice of specific linguistic items that fulfill communicative functions in accordance with contextual parameters such as author, genre, or discursive context. Correspondingly, this conference intends to investigate stylistic features that contribute to the mass appeal of pop cultural texts, arguably representing the most central type of performed language today. It will also take into account that contemporary pop culture manifestations are genuinely multimodal (combining text and music, text and image, etc.), so that further layers of meaning interact with the verbal discourse.

Confirmed keynote speakers:
Christiana Gregoriou (University of Leeds)
Dan McIntyre (University of Huddersfield)


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Christiana Gregoriou (University of Leeds)

As a stylistician, I study the linguistic make-up of literary texts. Having researched into the poetics of deviance in contemporary crime fiction, I maintained a strong interest in the portrayal of the criminal in the genre and have used stylistic models of analysis so as to explore, among others, the poetic structure of the ‘criminal mind’. Primarily, I have been focused on that notion that has come to be known as ‘mind style’. More recently, I developed an interest in crime narratives across the true crime genre and media journalism also. By employing linguistic and narratological methods of analysis, my research worked toward developing a linguistic framework on the representation of criminal ideology. I also share an interest in several other types of crime and crime-preventing discourses, and have recently completed my latest monograph in the area of crime narrative migration in the form of translation, adaptation and remakes.

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Dan McIntyre (University of Huddersfield)


At Huddersfield I am Professor of English Language and Linguistics. I am also a Visiting Professor in the Faculty of Foreign Languages at Fuzhou University, China. I work mainly in the areas of stylistics, corpus linguistics and the history of the English language, and I am particularly interested in applications for linguistics.
I studied for my BA, MA and PhD degrees in linguistics at Lancaster University and before I did my PhD I taught English as a foreign language in northern Italy.
I am Editor of the SAGE journal Language and Literature. With my colleague Louise Nuttall I edit the book series Advances in Stylistics for Bloomsbury, and with Lesley Jeffries I co-edit Perspectives on the English Language for Palgrave. I am also co-editor of Babel: The Language Magazine.

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Keynote papers

Christiana Gregoriou (University of Leeds)
From Scribble to Crime Novel: A Stylistic Approach to the Crime Fiction Writing Process

Dan McIntyre (University of Huddersfield)
Corpora, Cognition and Characterisation: Inferring Character from Subtitles in Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy

Conference papers

Silvia Bruti & Serenella Zanotti (University of Pisa & Roma Tre University)
Politeness and Gender in Television Language

Cecilia Cutler (City University of New York)
Styling New York Accents in Early 20th Century Print Cartoons

Kristy Beers Fägersten (Presenter, Södertörn University) in collaboration with Monika Bednarek (The University of Sydney)
From D’oh! to Son of a bitch! The Evolution of Television Catchphrases

Anika Gerfer (University of Münster)
“Rainy Days dem Gone” – Crossing and the Stylization of Jamaican Creole in Reggae and Dancehall Music

Christian Hoffmann (University of Augsburg)
The Art of Turn-taking in Movie Telephone Calls

Lisa Jansen (University of Münster)
Performance and perception: Exploring linguistic stylization in English pop and rock

Tatyana Karpenko-Seccombe (University of Huddersfield)
A Corpus-Stylistic Analysis of Reality Speak: A Case Study of Love Island UK (2018)

Dušan Stamenković (University of Niš)
The Stylistic Journey of a Video Game: Multimodality and the Football Manager Series (2005–2019)

Joe Trotta (University of Gothenburg)
Corpus Stylistics and Pop Culture: A Perfect Marriage for Degree Essays in English Linguistics?

Valentin Werner (University of Bamberg)
Pop Lyrics: A Corpus-stylistic Analysis

Janina Wildfeuer (University of Bremen)
Embodied Intermediality? Multimodal Metaphors and Blending in Animated GIFs


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University of Vechta
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Prof. Dr. Christoph Schubert
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Dr. Valentin Werner
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