Prof. Dr. Helen Small, Pembroke College, Oxford
"Emily Brontë and Degradation"

Dr. Holly Furneaux, Leicester
"Dickens's Gentle Soldiers: or Victorian Military Men of Feeling"

Prof. Dr. Duncan Wu, Georgetown
"Eliza Hamilton Dunlop: Poet of Witness"

Prof. Dr. Barbara Korte, Universität Freiburg
"Poverty in British Literature
Social Suffering - From the Classics to J.K. Rowling"

15. Mai 2013
Prof. Dr. John Bowen, University of York                       
"Stupidity and the Novel"

11. Dezember 2012
Prof. Dr. Ian Duncan, University of California, Berkeley       
"The Discovery of Scotland: Sir Walter Scott and World Literature"

13. Juni 2012
Prof. Nicholas Roe, University of St Andrews
"Bright Star: The Life of John Keats"

23. Mai 2012
Prof. Stephen Prickett, Regius Professor, University of Glasgow              
"Romantic Readings of the Bible"

24. April 2012
Prof. Fred Burwick, University of California, Los Angeles
"Romantic Incest Plots: Baillie, Byron and the Shelleys

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