Welcome to the University of Vechta!

The University of Vechta, situated equidistant from Bremen, Oldenburg and Osnabrück, is the most important educational establishment in the Oldenburg Münsterland area. The University, with more than 4,000 students and 12 different study programmes, is a young campus university in Lower Saxony. Since becoming independent in 1995, it has developed dynamically, incorporating the Catholic University of Applied Sciences in 2005 and being renamed the University of Vechta in 2010.

The University of Vechta equates to experiencing science in modern structures and shaping student life in a familiar atmosphere. Attractive study programmes, individual mentoring and worldwide exchange programmes create excellent conditions for studying. The University’s self-image stems from an evolved sense of cultural identity. In a well-balanced combination of regional ties and international orientation, the University of Vechta engages in the competition to attract the best mind.

Location of Vechta

Vechta - where is that?! Information about the University of Vechta and its location... [here] Photo: Stadt Vechta


Scientific establishments at the University of Vechta... for an overview see [here]