Rudzinski, R. Karen

R. Karen Rudzinski - Lektorin

Raum R 120
Tel. 04441 15-291
E-Mail: karen.rudzinski(at)

Sprechstunde in der Vorlesungszeit:
Sommersemester: Di 13-14, Mi 14-15
Wintersemester: Mo 13-14, Di 13-14


Meeting for foreign language assistants

There will be a meeting for students in their third semester and above who would like to apply for a position as a foreign language assistant in the UK for the school year 2015/2016 in Room R 131 at two o'clock on Wednesday, 5th November. We will discuss the application papers and the application procedure. Attendance is essential. This is not an information session.
P.S. Please remember to bring a copy of the application papers which you can obtain at