Küper, Christoph

Universitätsprofessor i. R. Dr. phil. habil. Christoph Küper
Englische Sprachwissenschaft

E-Mail: christoph.kueper(at)uni-vechta.de

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Lehre im Wintersemester 2014/15
Modul AN-7: Fields of Linguistics ALT
English Phonetics and Phonology
31072 ALT,  31101 ALT
Do 16-18, Q 113
This seminar provides a detailed introduction to the phonetics and phonology of present-day English. It focuses on the phonemes of the English language and their articulatory features as well as on syllable structure, phonotactics and the relationship between spelling and pronunciation. Another topic will be connected speech phenomena such as intonation and speech rhythm, since both (but the latter in particular) are relevant for poetic rhythm. We will also deal with the pronunciation differences between British and American English. Special attention will be drawn to the phonetic and phonological characteristics of the German language and to common pronunciation mistakes of German native speakers when speaking English. Furthermore, the seminar will provide a thorough introduction to the practice of phonemic transcription.

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